• How tⓞ Sҽnd /Withdraw cryptⓞ on Binancҽ App?

    1. Open the Binance Mobile App
    2. Select wallets from the bottom right corner
    3. Click on withdraw from the options
    4. Select the crypto you wish to withdraw e.g. BTC, ETH, BNB etc.
    5. Enter the receiver wallet address in the required box (Wallet Addresses are alphanumeric i.e. combination of letters and numbers)
    6. Some crypto requires memo before you can send to it. So request the memo from the person before you continue.
    7. Input the amount of crypto you wish to send e.g. 0.01BTC, 0.1BNB, etc.
    8. Note that you’ll have to pay a transfer fee which will be deducted from the transaction amount. So, if you’re sending 0.1 and fee is 0.002then the receiver will get 0.008.
    9. Click the withdraw button and Send Code button for verification
    10. Binance will now send a code t your registered Mobile Number, enter the code to complete the transfer, withdraw or send crypto process.


    How to receive crypto using the Binance Mobile App


    1. Open the Binance Mobile App
    2. Select binance wallet from the bottom right corner
    3. Click on deposit from the options
    4. Select the crypto you wish to deposit e.g. BTC, ETH, BNB etc.
    5. Choose the Network type you wish to send (ask the sender about network type if you’re not sure).
    6. Some crypto requires Memo before you can receive. So send both the Wallet Address and the Memo to the person.
    7. You crypto will be credit when the person sends it to your Wallet Address


    How to Transfer Crypto within Binance Wallets using Binance App


    You can transfer crypto within the Binance Platform depending on what you need the crypto for. To transfer crypto within the Binance App, follow the steps below;

    1. Open the binance login wallet Mobile App
    2. Go to Wallets at the bottom right corner
    3. Click on Transfer
    4. Now select the Wallet you want to Transfer From and the one you wish to Transfer To i.e. from Spot Wallet to Funding.
    5. Select the crypto you wish to transfer
    6. Enter the Amount you wish to transfer
    7. Click the Confirm Transfer button at the bottom